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LED Lite Fixture Series – Aluminum Tri-Proof Light 2/4 & 5ft Fixtures

LED Fixtures

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This LED Aluminum Tri-Proof Light is:

  • IP65 water proof / dust proof/ explosion proof / IK10
  • Special dsign for multiple link
  • Aluminum shaped as heatsink
  • Easy replacement
  • Can use to replace fluorescent NCF fittings
  • Ideal for car parks, sport facilities, warehouse, factories, etc.

    This LED fixture is cUL and DLC approved and comes with a 5 year warranty.


      Dimensions -

    Models -

    Luminous Flux
    60cm/22W LEI-TRB2Kl-22-xxxxK 22W typ. 1900-2100
    120cm/40W LEI-TRB4Kl-40-xxxxK 40W typ. 3800-4200
    120cm/60W LEI-TRB4Kl-60-xxxxK 60W typ. 5600-6200
    150cm/40W LEI-TRB5Kl-40-xxxxK 40W typ. 3800-4200
    150cm/60W LEI-TRB5Kl-60-xxxxK 60W typ. 5600-6200
    60cm/22W LEI-TRB2Dl-22-xxxxK 22W typ. 2500-2700
    120cm/40W LEI-TRB4Dl-40-xxxxK 40W typ. 4400-4850
    120cm/60W LEI-TRB4Dl-60-xxxxK 60W typ. 6500-7200
    150cm/40W LEI-TRB5Dl-40-xxxxK 40W typ. 4400-4850
    150cm/60W LEI-TRB5Dl-60-xxxxK 60W typ. 6500-7200


    Color Types - xxxxK 

     Warm White (3000K)

    Natural White (4000K)

    Neutral White (4000K)

    Cool White (6000K)

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