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LED Canopy Series - 65W Ultra Thin LED Canopy Lamp, 347V DLC Qualified

LED Canopy Lamp

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 The LED Canopy 65W Lamp is an 65 Watt LED lamp that will replace a HID Lamp (175 Watt).  This LED Lamp has a Life Time of 50,000 hours and ultra thin in design with optional motion sensing capability.  This LED lamp is DLC qualified, has no harmful UV emissions, is eco-friendly (Mercury free), and comes with a 5 year LED warranty.



Type Beam Angle Wattage (W) CRI
LED Canopy
347 VAC
65 Watt 70+
175 Watt
 * Optional Motion Sensor for on/off type and bi-level type

Lamp Dimensions -


Color Types Available - 

Natural White (4000K)

Neutral White (5000K)


Model Number Lumens (lm)
LEICP65W34V40K (Natural White)


LEICP65W34V50K (Neutral White)