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High Bay Series - LED 24 Inch 110 Watt High Bay, 347V DLC Approved

HighBay LED Lamp

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The347V Highbay LED delivers excellent energy savings compared to similar linear fluorescent and HID fixtures. This 110 watt fixture has a 24” design and produces 14410 lumens which is suitable for 10-30′ mounting heights. It features 4000/5000K color temperature with a high 80+ CRI providing excellent visual acuity for accuracy when working in manufacturing and warehousing applications. The durable white finish metal body provides excellent heat dissipation providing 90,000 hours (L80 TM-21 at 68°C) of service life. 50,000 hour DLC warranty life. Sensors are available.




Type Beam Angle Wattage (W) CRI
LED High Bay 24 in
347 VAC
110 Watt >80
High Bay MH 250W
3-lamp T5HO systems
4-lamp T8

Lamp Dimensions -
23.8” Length x 12.6” Width x 3.62” Depth
9.92 LBS

Color Types Available - 

Natural White (4000K)

Neutral White (5000K)


Model Number Lumens (lm)
LEIHBL-110W-24in-347V-4000K (Natural White)


LEIHBL-110W-24in-347V-5000K (Neutral White)