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120-277V HO (High Lumen Output) Ballast Bypass T8 Series - 8ft. 43W LED Tube Fa8 Base

T8 Tubes

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The 100-277V HO (High Lumen Output) Ballast BypassT8 tube is an 8ft. (2400mm) 43W  LED tube that will replace 4x4ft T8 (140W). This LED T8 tube does not require a ballast to work with and offers a built-in universal line voltage driver. It has a Life Time of 50,000 hours and 70% Lumen Maintenance @ 25,000 Hours.  The LED lamp is UL listed and comes with a 5 year LED warranty.


Type Beam Angle Wattage (W) CRI
8ft.(2400mm) LED Tube
Fa8 Base
HO (High Lumen Output)
Beam Angle 180 deg.
 4 x 4ft T8 (140w)

 UL Cert Logo

T8 Tube Length -

4800mm x 25mm dia

Color Types Available - 

Natural White (4000K)


Model Number  Lumens (lm)
8ft.(2400mm) T8 Tube:  
LEIBPGT8D8F43W-40 5,000