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100-277V Internal Driver T8 Series - 4ft.(18W) LED Tube G13 Base, with Motion Sensor

T8 Tubes

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The 100-277V  Internal Driver T8 Series is an 4ft.@18W LED tube that will replace 2 x T8 fluorescent tube (70 Watt). The tube is equipped with Passive Infrared motion sensor to achieve greater energy saving. This LED Tube has a Life Time of 50,000 hours and 70% Lumen Maintenance @ 25,000 Hours.  This LED lamp is ETL CE listed, has no harmful UV emissions, is eco-friendly (Mercury free), and comes with a 5 year LED warranty.


Important Notes: 

When using direct wired LED lamps in a fixture, designed and approved for fluorescent lamps, you must use the new form from ESA, for inspections. As well, you will require field evaluation on one fixture, and all others to be wired the same.

Also, a warning label must be applied to the fixture, to advise others of the change. Supplied by LEI.


Type Beam Angle Wattage (W) CRI
4ft.(1200mm) LED Tube
G13 Base
Internal Driver
100-277 VAC
with Motion Sensor
18 Watt 80+
70 Watt

 Note: Suitable for indoor or outside


T8 Tube Length -

Color Types Available - 

Warm White (3000K)

Natural White (4000K)

Neutral White (5000K)

Cool White (6500K)


Model Number Lumens (lm)
4ft.(1200mm) T8 Tube:  
LEIT8-18W1200-WS-3000K 1,850
LEIT8-18W1200-WS-4000K 1,880
LEIT8-18W1200-WS-5000K 1,910
LEIT8-18W1200-WS-6500K 1,950