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Jan 21, 2013   

MR16 6W GU10 LED Lamp

The MR16 6W GU10 LED Lamp is a 6 Watt LED lamp that will replace a 120V Halogen bulb (35 Watt/50 Watt).  This LED Lamp has a Life Time of 50,000 hours and 70% Lumen Maintenance @ 25,000 Hours.  This LED lamp is CE listed, has no harmful UV emissions, is eco-friendly (Mercury... Read More

Toronto, Canada - August 3, 2012 - LED Energy Partners with Greeble LED LED Energy Inc. has newly partnered with Jiuzhou Optoelectronic Technology, owner of the lighting products brand Greeble, to provide customers a new level of LED lighting experience. Jiuzhou Optoelectronic Technology is a professional Solid State Lighting, LED Packing and Display... Read More

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